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06 November 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Big Time Plane Pull  
Just a recap of my experience watching James and Carlos pull an airplane. :)

So on Saturday, November 3rd, I went to watch James and Carlos pull an airplane for charity at Ontario Airport. I love that it was held there, because that's always been the BTR airport in my head. My first BTR BFF @kathrynew30 flew into that airport the first time we met, and then a few months later both "Worldwide" and BTBreak-up were filmed there. Kathryn flew into and out of it again for our Big Time Beach Party vacation, and @_adamantine did last year when she visited. Now this. The emcee guy even mentioned that "Worldwide" had been shot there, which made me cheer. It will always be the BTR airport in my heart.

Late at night the Sunday before, James tweeted he would be pulling an airplane for charity with a bunch of buff dudes the following weekend. I was already in bed but knew it had to be somewhere in So. Cal. so I booted up my laptop and started doing research. Took me half an hour but I finally tracked it down. I could only assume Eric the Trainer would have something to do with it, so I started searching like crazy and boom--found the site talking about a plane pull benefiting the USO in Ontario on Nov. 3rd. I knew that had to be it. And of course it was at the BTR airport. :)

Because it was early Saturday, I would have to get a hotel the night before. I have a ticket to the Operation Smile concert that was postponed until Nov. 17th and was saving my money for that, but I couldn't afford to do both so I had to make a choice--James, or Kendall and Logan. When I considered that I would probably only see Kendall and Logan from afar and for max five minutes but would be around James for a few hours, James won out. Then again, James always does with me. So I made my peace with that and booked a hotel in Ontario, finding a cheap one with a shuttle to the airport. My only problem was having to work overnight the night after the event and getting no sleep beforehand, but I decided James is worth it. :)

I also knew that with Eric involved, Carlos might be there as well, and the next day I found out that was indeed the case. I was even more excited, I'd get both James and Carlos again! Maybe this time I'd finally get a Carlos hug.

I discovered Friday morning that my camera was broken, so after an unplanned stop to buy a new one I took a train and three buses out to Ontario Friday afternoon. My hotel turned out to be not even a block away from the site, which was awesome. And I was amazed because it's the cheapest one I've ever booked but also the nicest I've stayed in. The only drawback was that it didn't offer Nickelodeon. Bastards.

Got to bed early Friday night knowing I wouldn't get much sleep over the next 48 hours. Saturday morning I woke up, grabbed some free breakfast, and then got super nervous as I was packing up my stuff. I don't know why, it just suddenly hit me that I would be seeing James and Carlos in a few hours and my stomach was in knots. I had no idea if I'd even get to talk to them or what I would say if I did, but there was a possibility and it made me so nervous I felt like throwing up.

I walked to the terminal and was crossing the parking lot when my name was screamed loudly from a passing car. My "Figure It Out" girls from September had arrived (@xoxobtr24, @Mskatiemary, @dnice239), along with Denise's sisters. I got inside and found the place where the teams would be checking in (and the restrooms, always gotta find those), then headed out onto the tarmac. There were booths set up as well as a bunch of chairs in front of the plane, and I saw where the teams would be having their pictures taken. I staked out the front row of seats and soon enough was joined by Denise, Kate, Stephanie, and the nameless sisters. One day I might actually learn their names, but they're so quiet and don't speak much at all!

We stood around and talked while everything was being set up, and I realized how easy it was going to be to approach the guys in a setting like this. It was so relaxed, everyone walking around freely and no Ranel and everyone was joking with each other and it was just...a dream. It was a dream. For two hours we were going to be with them unrestricted and free. I really didn't know what I could possibly say to James other than "Hi, how are you?" but that was enough. The point was they would be there with us and I was watching them pull an airplane--which is cool in itself.

Denise and I went off to the bathroom at one point, hoping the guys would be inside but it was still too early; team check-in was at nine. We all talked about Kendall's move to Las Vegas and our various theories, and I found out some of the girls are going to the Operation Smile thing. I really want to go. Sigh.

Around nine the girls decided to go to the bathroom again and I knew the guys would be there. I stayed with our stuff anyway and sure enough, the girls came back ten minutes later excited. They'd seen James and Carlos inside. Kate told me she was having Maslow feels because "Kellie, Maslow is fine." I was not surprised at all, the man is beautiful. I've said before he glows.

The girls decided to go back in to "get water from the car" and this time I followed. I walked through the big room and spotted Carlos right away in a white sweatshirt and shades. He's so tiny next to all those big dudes! I sensed James to the left but didn't look over, kept my head facing forward and caught up with the girls in front of the building. They ended up going to the car and I walked back through, bracing myself this time for James.

I still wasn't ready. Holy shit, he looked good. Probably the best I've ever seen him. That haircut and the shades and just wow. Wow. I walked by the group slowly, noting Halston next to him and unsurprised, and there was a dude dressed in a big dinosaur costume that blocked my path so I had to skirt around, bringing me close enough to brush Carlos as I passed. His back was to me though and I took another really good look at James and just FUCK. Holy fuck. He was talking to Halston and wearing this gray sweatshirt thing and shades and he just glowed. I made it past the group and turned to head outside again and just kept mouthing "Oh my god oh my god oh my god" over and over as I walked because OH MY GOD. HE LOOKED THAT GOOD.

The girls returned eventually, they had talked to Carlos briefly and told him good luck. We all gushed in excitement, watching for them to come out to the tarmac, and finally they did. I saw James first and we grabbed each other but then relaxed, tried not to be so obviously staring but DAMN. THEY WERE RIGHT FUCKING THERE.

This is where everything becomes a blur and I will probably list things out of order because it's so hard to remember exactly how it all happened but it was two hours of just...being there with them. Kate asked if I had a Sharpie and I did, loaned them one so they could get their phone cases signed and Denise wanted the entire Big Yanks (Eric's team) to sign her shirt. The teams all gathered off to the right of us in a big group of people, Eric's team wearing black t-shirts that said "Iron Fist Athletics" on them. James was at the front of the group with Halston as the ceremony started and I was at the front right corner so I had a really good view but tried not to stare. The emcee said a few things, the mayor said a few things, the Pledge of Allegiance was said, the Star-Spangled Banner was sung, and when the colorguard dudes came out I had an excuse to look to my right and watch James. Did I mention he's beautiful? I did it furtively but kept staring at him and fuck. Just fuck. Wow.

Once the competition actually started, people moved around a lot and Denise jumped up to go find Carlos. We all went over there and he talked to us for quite a while, signing Denise's shirt and the phone cases and talking about...I don't even remember. Really, most of it's a blur. He did say his shades were broken because he'd stepped on them that morning. I have to admit my focus was on James (I'm sorry, I'm horrible but he draws me like a magnet), who was behind us with Halston. I was kind of at the back of the group as usual, I rarely get right up front in those situations, and didn't speak to Carlos at all but listened to the conversation going on. I wanted a hug but didn't want to just attack him. He's so sweet. Just so sweet and funny and warm. Denise gave him a hat and he put it on and wore it. They all got pics with him and when I got the feeling he was about to move on I stepped forward and said "Can I just get a hug and then I promise I'll leave you alone?"

His face kind of fell, almost like he felt bad for not offering one himself? It was so funny. He said "Oh my god, of course!" and I stepped closer and hugged him sooooo tight. I think I heard the girls going "aww" haha. He gives such great hugs! I thanked him and after that he gave everyone hugs and finally asked "Did I get everyone?" He was so cute, making sure. We talked with him for a few more minutes and I said "I lied, I do need to bother you one more time." He waited and I said "Your Tattooed Worldwide Girl says hi." He just stared at me for a second, trying to make sense of it, and then he smiled and said "Oh! Well, tell her I said hi!" Yeah, I totally made Elyse's day with that. :)

Eric had picked the number six for the pull, so there was a good amount of time before they had to go up there. James and Halston stood at the front watching the competition and we migrated over there. I can't even remember when the girls talked to James, if it was after that or before. It must have been before, I wasn't there for it. Maybe it was inside when they caught Carlos taking a pic of that "Out of Order" sign and he sheepishly admitted to being obsessed with Instagram. But we moved closer to the front and I stood behind James, not saying anything just...basking in his presence. That sounds cheesy but to stand there so close to him for that long...it was incredible. Steph caught me checking him out and I was embarrassed but COME ON. IT'S JAMES AND HE'S GORGEOUS AND YEAH, I CHECKED HIM OUT OKAY.

The girls called me over for a group hug, they were off a little ways, and I went over there knowing James was perfectly aware of our presence and kind of...how to put it. James is a master of slinking away from fans. A master of extricating himself. So he'd managed to get away but we ended up near him again and I could feel that he was just waiting for us to approach him but we didn't. We let him be, he and Halston watching the competition with arms around each others' waists and snuggled in together. It was so cute omfg. But he knew we were there and after the group hug I moved next to him and watched, and we freaking watched the competition together. Jesus fuck, how does that happen? I was like "Wow, they actually moved that plane!" I'd never seen that before and he kind of laughed and gave me this "Yeah, that's what we're here for" look. But there were a few random comments made, he was mostly quiet but when I'd say something (not so much to him, just speaking aloud because I was kind of in awe of the plane being pulled) he'd glance down at me and JAMES FUCKING MASLOW, OKAY? THERE WERE A FEW RANDOM COMMENTS EXCHANGED. ALKJFKLSSFJKDLSJGFKD

At some point I looked back and the girls were huddled around Eric talking to him, so I went over there. He is the nicest guy, talked to us for a long time and said Logan had been training Friday to come out and do this but he didn't show. I was totally not surprised, because my luck with Logan stinks. I have amazing James luck but with Logan and Kendall I completely fail. So that was a bummer. But Eric pointed out all the guys on his team and told us who they are. There was Brendan Fehr, who used to be on "Roswell" but I never watched that show. There was also the guy who played Logan on "Veronica Mars." Um...there was a WWE guy whose name escapes me and the dude that was in James' first Keek, the inventor dude? I think his name is Scotty Ziegler. We talked with another guy named Jon Brody who's going to be in the next Star Trek movie. Eric got Alec in there talking to us briefly as well. Oh, and he also pointed out two of his best trainers, Ivan and Courtney (a dude), and told us Ivan had been on the Jarlos bus for the entire summer tour. He called Ivan over and said "tell them what it was like on the bus." Ivan laughed and said "a lot of movies and video games." No surprise there. He talked to us for a little while, another really nice guy, and then the Courtney guy came over and chatted with us. He teased Denise's sisters for being so quiet and keeping to themselves, showing off that he is most definitely gay with his gestures and voice, and the girls blushed so bad. It was soooo cute. At one point when we were talking to...I think it was Eric? Denise made a comment about Carlos, making fun of him, and he walked right by. Denise is not a quiet person. Carlos heard and gave her this look like "Really?" He was amused but she was mortified and we all laughed so hard. Poor Denise, making fun of her favorite guy and getting caught.

Eventually the guys all had to go get ready for their turn at the plane, so we moved up to the little gate things they had set up. There was a family in front of me that was cheering for team #5, and I hoped they'd be leaving after 5 was done. We talked to a couple of Rushers next to us and I noted that Halston was still there, about three people away from me. The girls went over and got a pic with her, a really cute one where they're all doing the Perf pose.

Once team #5 was done, the family moved. Hallelujah. We moved right up front and I got my camera ready. I discovered later that my new camera absolutely sucks, takes horrible video and pictures, but it was better than nothing. The rope was really long, it having to accommodate twenty people pulling, and I was about dead center of the rope. I had no idea where James and Carlos would be along the rope, but I was hoping they'd be near me. With my James luck, I thought there was a good chance James would be close to me. It just always happens like that.

Eric's team was announced and we all cheered like crazy, watching the guys walk out to grab the rope. Sure enough, James Maslow was dead center--right in front of me. Thank you, God. Carlos was all the way up in front of the line, far off to my left. Eric was to the immediate front/left of James. They got into position and the horn was sounded, the guys started pulling. We cheered again and then they dropped the rope when the plane had been pulled far enough. After that there was a lot of high-fiving and manly stuff, the guys all deciding where to be for the next pull.

They rearranged positions and set up for the next pull, Carlos way in the back and off to my right this time. James didn't move. :) While they were setting up, it was announced the time to beat was 9.47 or something. We waited and then the emcee goes "Uh oh. Uh oh." I knew what that meant by the way he said it and then he added, "The gauntlet has been thrown down" and I cheered. The Big Yanks were way in the lead with a time of 7.88. Everyone cheered, the guys raising their arms to the sky and more high-fiving and it was so much fun. Then they set up for the next pull, James motioning for the other guys to move back, and then they were pulling again. Their second time was 8.10 or something, so not as good, but they were still in the lead. A lot more cheering, the guys all looking proud of themselves, and that was that. James headed to Halston with a big smile and my heart melted. They are so in love.

After the pull, the team headed over to have their picture taken as a group, so I moved over that way and was able to get pictures myself. Too bad they're such poor quality but oh well. I'm just happy to have what I do. Once the team ones were done, some of the guys climbed on top of a tank and posed on it. I got pictures of that as well, not even realizing until I looked at my pictures later that James was up there. It was hard to see things in the sun's glare.

Carlos and James mingled with fans after that, taking pics and signing autographs, and I took a few pics of that. I love watching Carlos with fans. Love love love it. He's so sweet and warm. I think I already said that but it bears repeating. Carlos Pena is love.

The girls and I stood around for a while talking. I kept my eye on the guys off and on (always glued to James, I can't help it) and somehow we started talking about James and I said I hadn't even really talked to him. Not as a fan, you know? Stephanie asked why not and I told her I didn't know what I would say. Then I started thinking about how there was one thing I wished I'd said to him in September after we watched him film "See Dad Run." I thought about going for it, approaching him, but it felt wrong. I don't know why, it just did, and I go with my gut.

A little later I noticed James and Carlos talking near us, no one else was with them. Halston had disappeared, the girls were distracted, and I just felt it--the time was right. So I walked over to them, Carlos was talking and I waited a few steps away, James glancing at me and he knew I was there for him. People keep asking if he remembered me and the truth is I just don't know. It's so hard to tell with James, he's so hard to read. He keeps that wall up most of the time. So Carlos finished talking, James said something, and when he looked at me again like "It's cool, come on over" I approached and said hi. He said hi and smiled, it was that hesitant James smile he does with fans a lot.

I was nervous but it was important to me to get this out, so I started with "I was at the taping you did for 'See Dad Run' in September?" And he nodded and said "Oh! Yeah!" It wasn't like "I remember you" it was like "I know what you're talking about." So I pushed on with "I just wanted to tell you that you blew me away with your acting that night. You are so professional and talented, a really good actor and I wasn't expecting that--"

At that point his eyebrows rose and he gave me this LOOK. Like "Are you kidding me? Really?" I realized what I'd said and wanted to die of embarrassment. I'd just insulted James Maslow to his face. I backtracked quickly, reaching out to touch his arm because I do that a lot with people, it's my "wait, hold on and let me explain" comforting gesture. It was automatic. I said "I just mean that we don't see that so much on Big Time Rush. It doesn't showcase your talent well." And he nodded and said quietly, "Yeah." He knew what I meant then. So I rushed on with "As much as I love Big Time Rush, I can't wait to see you do your own thing."

He clenched his teeth and gave me a bitter smile and said, "I can't either." The feeling behind it...wow. I wasn't surprised, though, we all know James is over BTR. I gave him a sympathetic smile and said, "I know" quietly and he really looked at me for a second, we shared this look and it felt like he was thinking "You get it. You get it and you don't hate me for wanting it to end." He suddenly held out his hand and smiled, a real smile, and as we shook he thanked me. I nodded and said "No problem" and then turned and walked back to the girls.

That's when the nerves really hit, of course. I was shaking a little and Kate asked me what we talked about and I couldn't even answer. I had to calm down. Even though I felt like screaming, I just stood there trying not to freak out. After two tries at talking about it, the third time I got it out. It really wasn't that big a deal, I guess, but to me it was. It was James and he smiled and thanked me. It was a big deal to me.

Denise finally got all the team members to sign her shirt (Halston as well, I think) and handed me back my Sharpie. I said "Wait, did Carlos and James use this?" She said "Yeah, and everyone else on the team." So I now own a Sharpie used by James and Carlos haha. I'm not one who gets a lot of autographs and pics so that's pretty cool to me.

I had to pee so asked if the girls would be around a while, they said yes. While I was in the bathroom, Kate texted me and said they'd had to leave after all to get Steph home. I was sad, didn't get to say goodbye. :(

I saw Ivan sitting with his woman in the now-empty check-in area when I walked back through, said hi in passing. When I returned to the main area I watched the exhibition, which was three big dudes pulling the plane by themselves. Eric was out there for that, but he didn't pull. I realized that at some point while I was in the bathroom, James and Carlos had left. They must've been right behind me as I walked there, because I was only in the bathroom for like two minutes and I imagine that's why the girls left when they did, figuring there was no reason to stay. Or maybe they followed the guys out, who knows? Either way James and Carlos were gone and I was sad. But that's okay, I'm so happy with my experience.

I sat in one of the chairs to wait for the awards ceremony. The chairs were mostly empty by then, but after I'd been there a few minutes Alec and Jon came over and sat a few chairs away. Alec said hi and the three of us chatted for a bit. I congratulated them on the win and Jon was like "I had nothing to do with it, I'm just an actor." I said, "Oh, so you were just pretending to pull." They laughed and he goes "Exactly." But it was cool talking to them while we waited. Eric said a few words to everyone about the event and thanking everyone for coming out to support the USO. The awards started and we watched, and when the Big Yanks were handed the trophy they all went up there. No Carlos and James, of course.

I left once the awards were done, it was basically over. Still can't believe how awesome it was just to be in the same place with James and Carlos and to be able to watch them and talk to them and just...wow. I got my Carlos hug and I got to tell James what I most wanted to say to him. What more could I possibly ask? I am so blessed. :)
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flagrantly inauthenticand_the_damned on November 8th, 2012 08:15 am (UTC)
sounds pretty damn amazing!
I haven't spoken to you in so long. How are you?
stoodupforlovestoodupforlove on November 10th, 2012 06:07 pm (UTC)
Hey you! I'm doing good. Just working and living out my BTR obsession. How are YOU?
Melly: BTR - tour  bussquoctobird on November 9th, 2012 02:06 am (UTC)
Wow, Logan didn't show? I wonder why? Maybe he was an alternate? I don't know. I'm just like really curious why he would bail on a charity event.

But that sounds really cool! And I think I would have had the same reaction! "Wow they actually pulled the plane!" lol

Carlos is precious. And that's so awesome what you did for Elyse. <3

And you gave James a complisult haha XD but you pretty much fixed it.
stoodupforlovestoodupforlove on November 10th, 2012 06:06 pm (UTC)
Kendall's birthday party was the night before, and Saturday was the day Kendall moved. I imagine Logan wanted to be there for that (and after the party, he would've had to wake up at like 6 A.M. to be there on time).

It really WAS cool! I'd never seen people pull a plane before. James laughed at me, but he was impressed, too, because the first team was all female.

CARLOS. I LOVE CARLOS. I don't get nervous around him like I do James. Makes it easier.

And James. God, I can't believe I said that to James. It just came out wrong. But I did fix it. If he remembers me after this, it will either be "that woman who insulted me" or "that woman who told me she wants to see what else I can do." Hopefully the latter. Thanks for reading!
stallion8426 on November 21st, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Wow that sounds awesome I wish I could've been...but James...I guess I just assumed they were all happy to be doing what they were doing...and it saddens me to think James isn't happy in BTR :( and now I kinda feel bad wishing it would go on forever
stoodupforlovestoodupforlove on November 23rd, 2012 06:00 am (UTC)
Re: James
I wouldn't say James isn't happy, but he's ready to move on, you know? You can't blame them, James said recently he wants BTR to be the beginning of his career, not the end of it. I'm going to have an extremely hard time when it's over, BTR is pretty much my life. And yeah, that's sad, but they make me happy. I kind of came to terms with it a few months ago when I heard the show was being canceled (at a tour of the show's sets, mind you) and it was hard, but luckily Nick ended up adding another season. Everyone was shocked, the cast too, and I know James especially was conflicted but the thing about James is he signed up to see it through til the end and he's going to give it his all until it's over. That's what I love about him, he's committed and dedicated. I'm just relieved we get one more season, one more album, and most likely one more tour.

But like you, I wish it would go on forever, too. :)
stallion8426 on November 23rd, 2012 01:15 pm (UTC)
Re: James
I had never heard they were planning to cancel it. I didn't become a rusher until I saw them in concert on their summer tour where they announced they would have a fourth season so I never realized it was in jeopardy...but yeah I think I'm OK with it now too