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29 December 2012 @ 09:43 am
Bob Is Dead.  
You know the drill. This is for my memories and I get detailed. By a freak miracle, I was able to go to Stephen Glickman's art show at Meltdown Comics.

I didn't think I'd be able to because I usually have to get a hotel and stay the night in Hollywood when I go to any kind of function, and I couldn't afford that this week. I also had to work until six on Friday night, so there was no way. But the Wednesday before the show Stephen had a live chat and when it was over, one of the girls on that chat followed me on Twitter. I saw she was local and followed her back (you can never have too many local Rusher buddies), and we started talking and she asked if I was going. I said no and told her why, and the next thing I know I'm being offered a ride to and from because we live in the same general area. I couldn't believe it. I said yes, of course, and ended up meeting two lovely ladies and having a blast with them. I'm so happy I got to go, it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to hang out with them again. It was Marie's first official BTR function and she was excited.

I was able to get half my shift covered and got off at one instead of six. Hopped a bus to my local mall, where I changed and met up with Marie (@Marie_Cristina) and Joanna. It seems I'm always meeting Joannas haha. They were both very sweet and on the drive up the Hollywood, we talked about BTR, of course. Joanna is just getting into them so we kind of indoctrinated her, and she's decided she likes Logan best. Glickman had mentioned that Kendall would be at the show, but I didn't get my hopes up for two reasons—one, I have horrible Kendall luck. Just like with Logan, I can't ever seem to get to him. And two, I knew Kendall was in Las Vegas and doubted he'd be back in time. So there was a possibility, but I really didn't think he'd be there. Turned out to be right on that, but we met some cool people anyway.

We stopped at a Target for the restroom (sometimes you just gotta go) and then continued on to find the place. At one point Marie switched the music from the radio to a CD, but I wasn't aware of that and when I suddenly heard BTR on the radio, I got all excited. She laughed at me and told me it was a CD and I was like “Awww maaaaan!” Here I thought the boys were finally on the radio. I started to get a headache and suddenly realized I hadn't eaten since six in the morning, and it was almost four, so we agreed that once we found the place we'd walk around and find some food.

We found it and there was no one lined up or anything, we just hadn't known what to expect but we were glad. We found a parking lot behind Pinkberry and left the car there, then went on the hunt for food. Ended up at El Pollo Loco because Joanna was in the mood for salad, and I hadn't eaten there in a long time. Forgot how good it is. On the way back we stopped at Ralph's for candy and water (Marie needed Skittles) and found nothing. So we walked down to a 7-11 and found what we needed there, then discussed what to do for the next three hours.

We ended up walking. We just walked around the little area there, finally going inside the comic book store and looking at everything. I had never actually been into a comic book store, and it was so cool! While I'm not a huge fan of comic books, there were so many neat knickknacks and statues and books and I even found “Smallville” comic books and it was really cool! After a while we went back outside and walked around some more, sat down at a bus bench for a while to rest our legs, and I kept trying to get hold of Amber (@spacematadors) because I knew she and Emily (@EmilyIsSoRandom) were supposed to be there.

Eventually we went back inside because it was cold and people started showing up, and I thought this guy looked familiar and wanted to know if he was a dude I met at the Christmas parade back in November. Once inside I got distracted by things I hadn't noticed before and we wandered the store again, picking up different books and reading to pass the time. There was one that Marie said was “quite interesting” (actually there were a lot of those) but I paged through it and kept reading random lines aloud from it. “Then they kissed and had sex.” Just really weird things. The words “My breasts are on fire” came out of my mouth and we started giggling so hard, it was just the silliest book and I was like “That's the weirdest thing I've ever said out loud.” So that became a joke throughout the night. “My breasts are on fire.” But we had fun.

Marie reminded me then that I'd wanted to go talk to that guy so I searched him out and asked if he was at the Hollywood Christmas Parade (though by then I knew it was him, when I got a good look at him I knew), and he said yes but the girl he was with looked familiar too and I knew I'd met her before. As soon as she started to tell me where, it hit me. She was at the plane pull in Ontario, sitting right behind us. We'd talked to her and her sister for a while and it was her first time meeting anyone from BTR and she was so excited. So turns out his name is Cedric and her name is Bree and I realized then just how many people I've met over the past year. All thanks to BTR. But I knew so many people there, just from different BTR functions. It was like a family reunion or something. Later there was blonde girl with them who looked really familiar and I think it was the girl from the parade who liked BTR and was a huge “Full House” fan, but I never did find out. And we met a girl named Jessica that Marie had been talking to on Twitter, who looked very familiar to me and I could swear I've seen her somewhere too, probably at a concert or something.

Marie, Joanna, and I killed time toward the back of the store where the art show was going to be held and I heard my name. When I looked over it was my “Figure It Out” girls! Kate, Lisa, and Cora had arrived. Went over and hugged them, it was good to see them again. We chatted for a little while, then Amber texted me they had arrived so I ran out front to meet them and got more hugs. I'm a hugger. They'd brought their sisters, Tiffany and Hannah, and after I introduced them all to Marie and Joanna we just kind of mingled all together while waiting for it to start.

I was over talking to Amber when I looked toward the back and saw Stephen Glickman walk out of the back door. I stared at him and said, “Hey. I know that guy.” So we rushed over and those of us around got pics and hugs and talked with him for a little bit. He's really the nicest guy. Gives great hugs, too. And I actually like my pic with him! I usually don't do pics with celebs, I just like to get hugs, but our pic is cute.

Cora and Lisa said that it was true, Kendall wasn't going to be there, and this didn't surprise me. I hadn't expected him to be so I wasn't disappointed, but I was really hoping to meet Erin Sanders. She tweeted about saving her a donut (because Krispy Kreme) so we thought that meant she was coming. I was hopeful, anyway.

Glickman came out again at about eight o'clock and welcomed us, let us all in to check out his art. I love his paintings, he's got a whole collection of Star Wars ones that I'd kill to have. And my favorite (which I can't remember the name of) has like flames dripping and robots and most of his work features robots of some kind. There was one painting that looked very familiar and when we read the tag it said “on loan from 'Big Time Rush'” and we realized it's usually hanging in apartment 2J. It's orange with robots. There's a Spider-Man painting he did, too, and the tag showed it had already been purchased by one Kendall Schmidt. No one was surprised haha.

He also has a collection of Bob's Big Boy piggy banks that he's managed to mutilate, but very artistically so. I saw a few I wanted and man, I wish I had money because I wouldn't bought the cyborg one. It was painted silver and had red eyes like The Terminator. My other favorites were “Bath Salt Bob” (whose face is partially eaten away) and “Tick Tock Bob” that was designed like Tick Tock from Return to Oz.

There's also an actual life-sized Bob (like the ones in front of the restaurants) that he'd painted and there was a black light shining on it. When we stood near it Marie told me I was glowing. I looked down to see the butterflies on my shirt were all lit up and I go, “Look! My breasts are on fire! I actually brought that to life!” Oh my god, we were so giddy and stupid and giggled like crazy, I thought I was going to pee my pants. We have fun.

So we all walked around and checked out the artwork for a while, and chatted a bunch, and it started to feel hot in there so I told Marie I needed to go out into the main part of the store and get some air. We stepped out for a bit, then went back in and mingled some more, then we ended up out in the store again. It was just so much cooler out there. Joanna started searching for an outlet to charge her phone, and we found one near the front entrance of the store and kind of hung out there, which worked nicely because we were able to catch everyone coming in the front door.

Ashley Argota was the first celeb to walk in, and we went over so Marie could get a picture with her. She's so pretty! And very sweet. Then Savannah Jayde showed up with two people, the guy looking very familiar but none of us could place him. He had long black hair and people were taking pics with him so we knew he was somebody, but we just couldn't place him. Marie got a pic with Savannah, too, and we continued to hang out there. Glickman kept coming out and giving interviews at the front of the store, and he greeted someone warmly so Marie goes “somebody's here” and it turned out to be Matt Riedy! Arthur Griffin, I was so freaking dead! I LOVE THAT GUY SO MUCH. I was like “Dude. I'm so getting a pic with him.” So he came in the door and started to walk right by us but then went left instead and Marie and I followed him. He started talking to this guy who asked “So you're on the show with Glickman?” and Matt said “Yeah, I play his boss, I'm--” and I butted in and said “He's Arthur Griffin.” Matt turned around and was like “Hey!” so we asked if we could get pics and he shook our hands and asked our names and Marie took a pic of us (thank God she's got a really awesome camera), then the guy took a pic of them, then Matt said we should get one with the three of us so we did that. Dude, that guy gives great hugs, too. He pulls you in close for a pic. I told him he's my favorite crazy person on television and he laughed and thanked me. It was cool, he was super nice, and we let him go and returned to Joanna all excited.

Eventually Amber, Emily, Tiffany, and Hannah wandered out into the main room and we all mingled some more, just chilling and I kept hoping Erin would show. I was dying to really meet her. We kept trying to figure out who the dude was with Savannah and none of us could place him but we all agreed he looked familiar. Marie ended up searching out Jessica to ask her, and came back to tell me his name was “Bobo Fiddle” or something like that and I was like “What kind of nonsense are you spewing?” We got the giggles so hard, I don't even know why, and kept making jokes about “Don't you want to go meet Bobo Fiddle?” So all night it was “Bobo Fiddle” and “My breasts are on fire.”

I had tweeted Matt Walker the night before to ask if he'd be there, and he'd said yes, and I was looking forward to finally meeting Matt after knowing him on Twitter for over a year. But I hadn't seen him yet, and at one point I checked my phone to see he'd just made a move in our “Hanging With Friends” game. I was like “Wait. Where is he? He's playing the game right now.” So I hopped on Twitter to see if he'd tweeted at all and while I'm scrolling my timeline the door opened and I looked up and boom, he walked in with Rachel, Glickman's girlfriend. I was kind of in awe for a second, just because I'd been thinking about him and he happened to walk in right then, and I was like “Wow. How does that happen?” But he continued on into the back room and I figured there'd be time to go say hi later.

At some point Marie found out Bobo's actual name, that it's Booboo Stewart, and my mouth dropped. I was like “WHAT? THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING.” And then it hit me that yes, of course it's him, and I felt stupid for not realizing it sooner but he had such long hair and looked so different. I loved him in the Twilight movies! So I was like “Okay, I need a pic.” Marie and I approached but then they started to walk out the door, and this guy (their bodyguard or handler or whatever) was like “Booboo, wait.” I said “No, it's okay, let him go. I don't want to bother him.” Savannah was standing right there and she didn't look too thrilled, I think she was just tired. I felt bad for making them wait so I said “No, really. It's okay.” And the guy said “Don't worry about it, it's fine.” But Booboo had been stopped outside by a guy that had already interviewed him twice and the handler guy was annoyed, like “Quit hogging him” kind of thing. So we waited and waited and Savannah really didn't look happy and I felt bad, but we waited and then he came back in for a pic with me. I thanked him and he said “Oh sure, you're welcome” and then they left, and mostly I wanted that pic for my roommate because she's going to die when she sees it. She's a really huge Twilight fan.

One of the staff members came out at ten o'clock and told us all we had to go back into the showroom because the store was closing, so we were all herded back in (by then quite a few people had spilled out into the main room) and mingled some more. I saw Matt talking with the FIO girls and Jacky and considered going over there, but decided to just wait until he was alone, or at least not surrounded by so many people. We talked to Glickman again, I think, and I mingled between Marie and Joanna, and Amber's group, and we looked at the art again and talked with Jessica some more. Glickman periodically would call us to attention to announce when a piece was sold, and he was really adorable. His excitement, he's like a big kid, and since I'm one too, I found it endearing. I noticed eventually that Matt was talking to just one guy and made my way over there, stopping to talk to the FIO girls on the way, and I finally got to catch up a little with Stephanie and Denise, who'd arrived separately. They were like “Did you say hi to Matt yet?” and I was like “No, not yet.” The guy intimidates me. Kate and Steph were like “Kellie, you talk to him all the time, just go say hi” and I was nervous, isn't that stupid? I'm not even that nervous talking to James. But finally he was alone so I was like “Okay, fine. I'll just go introduce myself.”

So I walked over there and he'd just grabbed some food, and when I reached him I started to introduce myself and this other guy approached him at the exact same time and we both stopped and stared at each other and played that “No, you go first” game. We kept going and going and Matt's just watching us, amused I'm sure, and the guy was like “Me? I don't even know this guy.” I was like “Me neither. Who is this guy?” and it was funny, but finally I turned to Matt and introduced myself and we shook hands and he said it was nice to meet me in person and I knew the other guy was waiting so I excused myself. But the guy goes “Hi, what's your name?” And we introduced ourselves to each other and he's Devon from San Diego. I don't even know who he is, but he was fun and we shook hands and I will never forget you, Devon from San Diego.

I returned to the girls and talked with them for a bit, then went and found Marie and Joanna again, and poor Joanna was really tired so we talked about going. By this time Amber and Emily and the sisters had already left, so I went over to say goodbye to my FIO girls and chatted with them for a bit again, and somehow ended up with Marie and Joanna near Glickman. He was taking pics of everyone and with everyone and I was just hanging out when Matt came over and started talking to me, so we talked for a little while. He's of course much nicer in person than he is on Twitter and it was cool to actually talk to him. He told me the story of how the Bob artwork got started, and we talked about Glickman a little and comic books and nerds and I don't even know what, and when I glanced over I saw Marie and Joanna in a group pic with Glickman, he was having a blast taking pics with everyone. He was so cute, oh my God. Matt pointed out that we were on the live stream from Meltdown Comics, and I realized that both times I'd talked to him it had been in front of that camera. I was like “I do not need to be on a live stream. No thank you.” and moved away.

Finally we decided to leave and went to say goodbye to Glickman and thank him for having us, and we waited and waited but he kept getting hailed by people so we just decided to go. Obviously, the guy was popular haha. On the way out I said goodbye to Matt and we ended up out in the cold again, it was freezing!

We went straight home after that, I was suddenly so tired after being awake at five and it was almost midnight. But we talked all the way, laughing and discussing how when another BTR event comes up, we're totally going. Marie said “Just let me know, and we'll go,” which is awesome. Because that means I don't have to pay for a hotel each time and I might get to go to more stuff. I could even do a Glickman or Matt comedy show for once! Marie's trying to get out and do more stuff, meet more people, so we'll see what happens. I already know she's going to join us for the Police Guys premiere, and I'm sure I'll see all the same people that night, too. I really do feel like it's become a little family, and again I'm so grateful I got to go. Thank you Marie for your kindness, it was so awesome to meet new fans and get out there to see what Glickman can do. I heard him say something about a big show in February, something about the whole cast being there, but I don't know if it was an art show or not. I hope so, that would be cool. Either way, we'll go because it was fun.
Mellysquoctobird on December 29th, 2012 07:10 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you got to go to this. I'm not too keen on Glickman as a person anymore, but I know he is really talented and I love pop culture art. I hope a lot of photos show up from this art show because I really want to see it.

I want to meet Matt Reidy!!

I don't think I could stand to be in the same room as Matt Walker.

Do you know if Police Guys is a full length film or just a short? No one wants to answer me. I though JLB would b/c he seems to like to flirt a little with me, but he didn't answer the one real question lol. He seems really cool and I /might/ be crushing on him and his nerdy tweets...

And I love that you know so many Rushers around you now! It's definitely going to make your adventures a little easier =)
stoodupforlovestoodupforlove on December 29th, 2012 08:28 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean about Glickman, but meeting him in person, he's just the nicest guy. Really friendly and sweet and genuine.


I know about you and Matt Walker, and I totally get it. But we do talk on Twitter a lot and it was really cool to talk to him in person for once.

Jon Lee is the best. He's a sweetheart. I'm so glad I met him at the plane pull, he impressed me the most out of all the guys I met that day (Carlos and James notwithstanding, of course). I can't wait to see him in the Star Trek movie, though it's just a little part.

I couldn't believe how many Rushers I knew there! I used to always be the loner, everyone would know each other and I'd kind of be apart, though I'm good at making friends. But so many people were like "Kellie!" and giving me hugs and it shocked me, I just hadn't realized how many friends I've made this past year. It's so cool, and I'm so lucky.