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02 March 2013 @ 09:58 am
Imagination Heals  
This is just a brief recap of meeting Kendall Schmidt and being fortunate enough to watch him read a book to little kids at the Imagination Heals event in Beverly Hills on February 22, 2013. Once again, as always, the theme of the night was “everything happens for a reason.” I will never, ever understand how things just seem to work out. It blows me away.

I was at work Thursday, the 21st, when I got a text from my buddy Marie (@Marie_Cristina) that Kendall would be appearing in Beverly Hills the next day and she was trying to win a contest to meet him. I hadn't been on Twitter at all for hours, since I was at work, and I had no idea what sort of event it was but if it was a public thing, we could probably go and at least try to meet him. Out of all the guys, Kendall is the one I'd never really spoken to other than a quick hello or a half-hug as he was being dragged away by Ranel. I'd never truly met Kendall, and I really just wanted a proper hug. So when I got home from work that night I got online and researched the event, discovered it was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and that he would be reading a book to children. My heart melted, because Kendall reading a book to children? Who wouldn't want to see that? Sadly, the event was private and by invitation only, so we couldn't get into it, but there would be a live webcast from the event so we could at least see it at some point. And there would be a red carpet, and he was doing a meet and greet before the event. I tweeted the link to the webcast, and my buddy Melly knew I would probably try to go so she asked me to get a letter to Kendall for her. I promised her I would try, but no guarantees. We might not even see him, and if we did he might not be able to stop. We hoped to at least see him on the red carpet, though.

The next day we all got together, Marie, me, our buddy Amber (@spacematadors), and her friend Shannon. We had lunch at Denny's and stopped at my trusty FedEx to print out the letter from Melly, then headed out to the hotel. We were running short on time by then, but two of my other friends were already out at the hotel and scoping it out and they kept in touch with us and gave us an idea what to expect. Basically we could sit in the lobby and see both entrances that Kendall might use, but they were afraid security would kick them out. I told them not to be worried, it was a hotel lobby and unless they caused some sort of ruckus, they should be fine. We finally got there and found two-hour parking, figuring we wouldn't need more than that. We hoped to catch him on the way in and if not, he would probably leave quickly after doing his little reading so maybe we could catch him then.

Once we got to the hotel lobby, I saw the way it was set up and knew we'd see him. The red carpet was at one end of the lobby, valet parking at the other. Whichever entrance he used, we'd see him. We may not be able to talk to him at all, but we'd definitely see him. Marie and I parked ourselves near the valet entrance, my other buddies on a couch near us, and Shannon and Amber...I think they took seats by me and Marie. It's been a week, hard to remember, and it's not like that matters anyway, I suppose. I just like to remember every detail if I can.

Since the red carpet thing started at 5:30, we knew he'd have to be getting there soon. My back was to the valet entrance but I heard one of the girls make a noise, she was staring out front, and I knew immediately he was here by her reaction. It was so cute. I grabbed my purse and stood up, telling the girls, “Let's go, he's here.” As I walked toward the doors I saw him walk through, and wow. WOW. Kendall looked good. REALLY REALLY good. I'm not used to feeling that way about Kendall so I was a little blown away but I wasn't nervous at all, which is odd. Maybe because I knew he'd be nice? With Carlos and Logan there are always a little flutter of nerves, and with James it's out of control because he's James and I just...it's James. My feelings for James are so intense that I can't deal with him sometimes haha. But Kendall, for some reason I wasn't even nervous and I just started walking toward him like nothing. It felt right to me, we weren't doing anything weird or wrong, and I knew he'd stop.

He was met by two guys who had something to do with the event, and they all turned to walk toward the shops and restaurants. I walked faster, I think the girls were right behind me, and when I saw he was heading for a bar I called out his name, because it would be easier to stop him in the lobby area than inside a bar. That felt a little too weird. So I called out his name and he stopped and turned, and I smiled at him and said, “Hey, can I just give you this letter from a friend and maybe get a quick hug?” And he smiled and said sure, took the letter and gave me a hug. I was happy. I was ecstatic. That was all I'd wanted, and I backed away and the girls went up then and asked for pictures and stuff. He made some comment about how we'd “better get them now before I get in there” and he was so sweet with the girls and so patient that I said, “Well, if you're gonna be that nice about it, I'll get a pic.” I remember taking Marie's picture with him, and Amber got one, and I think Shannon must've gotten one, too, and then I went in for a pic while Marie took it with my phone. I can't remember the conversation, but we were laughing with him, he's so sweet. And Marie took the picture but said it was blurry, and he knew that somehow and said, “Is it blurry? Take another, it's fine” or something like that, and so while she was getting that ready I was still posing with Kendall and yeah, that was nice haha.

But there's this thing I do with people, I don't know why I do it, but I do it with co-workers and customers who are like family and of course with friends, and while we were waiting for Marie to take the second pic I started rubbing Kendall's side. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. It's like a “Hey buddy, nice to see you” thing and I do it all the time and with Kendall I don't know, it felt natural. I did it and then realized what I was doing and stopped immediately, embarrassed, and he knew and kind of laughed. So I squeezed his side and he squeezed my shoulder and yeah. Kendall's the best. It's so weird how I wasn't nervous at all with him, it felt like I was posing with my brother.

That picture was taken and it came out fine, so we thanked him and were about to leave when I heard Shannon ask him for a favor. I was like “Oh no, just let him go, we've taken up enough of his time” but then she asked him to record a video for her friend Jacky's birthday. And of course Kendall knew right away who Jacky is and said okay, but his video was funny. So he did that and we thanked him again and said goodbye but Marie and Amber really wanted a group pic with him so they tried to ask and I was like “No, let him go, we got pics.” So we let him go and he went into the bar with the guys who'd met him.

As soon as he walked away a lady approached us and asked who he was. We told her and she was like “Oh, are you ladies going to the Pachas event?” And we said no, we didn't have invitations. She goes, “Just walk in.” We were like WHAT? I said no, you had to be invited, it was a private thing. She goes, “Come with me. I'm P.R. for the event, you're my guests.” And she started walking away. Just like that. Marie and I stared at each other in shock, like...is this really happening?

So we grabbed the other two girls and followed her to the check-in table, where she told the workers we were her guests and to take our names down and give us wristbands. Boom. Just like that, we were in. It was...I can't even believe it still. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???? WE WERE JUST STANDING THERE AND A WOMAN SAID HEY, COME ON IN, YOU'RE MY GUESTS. LIKE...I STILL CAN'T PROCESS IT. We were going to get in and see Kendall Schmidt read a book. To children. I wanted to cry, I was so overwhelmed and I just couldn't believe it.

We knew he would be doing the meet and greet at six, so that left us about fifteen minutes to move the cars. Marie and I rushed out with our other buddies to walk the few blocks to the cars, and while we were passing the bar I was talking about how great Kendall looked. I forgot he was in there and the girls shushed me and said “He's right there!” and yeah, he really was haha. I didn't look at him, but I hadn't been quiet. Oops. BUT COME ON, HE LOOKED SO GOOD.

When Marie and I got to the car, we freaked out. We screamed and fangirled and kept saying “Oh my god, how does this happen?” Because really...how does it? If Shannon hadn't wanted him to make that video for Kendall, we wouldn't have still been there when the P.R. lady walked by. Seriously, everything happens for a reason. We couldn't believe it.

So we moved the car to the hotel's parking and rushed back down to the lobby. We found Shannon talking to a guy named Mike who was working the event, and eventually Amber joined us as well. No idea where she'd been. We didn't know if we had access to the meet and greet but decided not to do it anyway, because we'd already met him and what would we say? That would look weird. So we went into the ballroom to find seats and Marie and I ended up in the third row, the other girls behind us. It was a cute little thing going on, set up for kids and we went over and got pics in a photo booth. While we were waiting they had waiters going around offering free food and we got free sodas from the bar. There was a hallway people were coming in and out of, and it was wide open, and the girls decided Kendall was probably in there. At about fifteen minutes to seven, they decided to go in and try to find him at the meet and greet, Amber and Marie still wanted their group pic with him. I told them all to go ahead and I'd stay to keep the seats from being taken. I didn't want to overstay my welcome with Kendall anyway, I always try to be respectful and not ask for too much. And I'd gotten what I wanted and was perfectly happy. :)

The girls came back right before it started, saying they'd seen him but the signing was only for winners of the Twitter contest and they hadn't gotten to talk to him at all. Where I was sitting, at the far right, I could see into the hallway and noticed Kendall come out. He stood and paged through the book he was going to read, also posed for pics whenever he was asked to. I watched him prepare himself and really, Kendall is so precious. I love him.

He was the first “performer” to go on, and when he was being introduced we were screaming and Kendall laughed at us haha. Why is Kendall always laughing at me? He's so funny, I love him. I ended up recording the whole thing on my iPhone, which I'd just gotten a few days before and was still learning, so I had no idea there was a zoom function on the video. I asked Marie and she must've misunderstood me and said no, so I recorded it and it's not bad, but I wish we'd been closer. And you can hear my annoying, random comments but we were having fun. Kendall made it so much fun. He was so interactive with the audience! He just...yeah. He's precious. Here's the video:

After it was over Kendall went around high fiving the kids and then went back down the hallway. Before I knew it, the girls were running off to follow. Marie and I looked at each other and were like “Okay, should we follow?” We didn't want to seem rude and just...take off. But the girls were gone and finally we just said “Why not?” So we got up and followed after, and we saw Kendall go into a room and the girls go in right behind him, but when we got there the guy closed the door. Turns out that Mike guy had told the guard our girls were fine, let them in. So he had. But we hadn't gotten there in time, so we weren't allowed in. The guard asked if we had kids in there and we were like “No, our friends are in there. They just went in.” He didn't believe us for a second, gave us a look like “Yeah, I've heard that a million times before.” We were like “No, really, our friends just went in there!” We talked to him for about a minute, and he wasn't budging, so we decided to just go wait for the girls in the lobby.

We didn't want to walk back through the presentation, though, and disrupt the program, so we saw there was a side door out of the room and went to that, asked the guard there if it led to the lobby. He said yes and opened the door, but there was a herd of performers coming from the right from that hallway so he pushed us through it and told us to hurry before we were stuck waiting for them to pass. So we snuck through and got out just in time, and headed toward the lobby. The performers must've gone into the doors we came out of, because then it was quieter and just a few people walking behind us, and we were talking about the guard who had been a douche and suddenly Marie nudged me. She thought she'd heard Kendall. Sure enough, I looked back and Kendall was right behind us, between the two guys who had met him originally.

Again, I was in shock. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? But he saw us look back at him and so we felt compelled to say SOMETHING, even though we figured he would be in a hurry. We'd discussed earlier that he would most likely be heading out to Las Vegas, since Dustin and Logan were there, and we ended up being right about that. So I said, “Hey! That was really awesome, you were so great in there.” And he smiled and said, “Yeah, that was fun, wasn't it?” I was like “I was impressed” and he said something else, I can't even remember what, but we were all heading to the lobby so we walked out into it with him and there were fans waiting. We said goodnight and headed away from him, but not too far because we were still looking for the rest of our girls. We had no idea where they were, if Kendall was out here. Marie got some video of Kendall with fans, him rapping with a kid and that was really cute. The girls came out and were like “He was in there but we didn't get to talk to him” and we said “He's right there, we walked down the hall with him.” The girls discussed approaching him again for the group pic and we weren't sure, because he had said inside that he was in a hurry to catch a flight, but then he grabbed a couple of fans he knows well and walked toward valet with them, and while he was standing outside waiting for his car he was taking pics with a few more fans so the girls went for it. I stayed inside the lobby and watched, he hugged and talked to a guy who looked familiar and we later realized it was Jim Jordan, the guy who did Logan's photo shoot. But the girls got their picture and it's really cute, and eventually he got his car and drove away. :)

And that's about it. We stood around talking in the lobby for a little bit with the other fans and after saying our goodbyes, we left. Kendall was so amazing. With fans, with the kids...it was my first real encounter with him and I hope there are more, because he's truly wonderful. I've heard this from everyone, how awesome he is, and I finally got to see it firsthand. I love that guy.

But again, everything happens for a reason. We didn't get into that room, but we ended up walking down a hall and talking with him just randomly anyway. I still can't believe the way it all just fell into place. That woman Megan was so awesome to get us inside, and it turns out that the webcast apparently didn't work well so I ended up uploading my video to YouTube and yay! Now people can see it, even if it's not the best quality. Marie got video, too, and I think hers is probably better. But we had fun and I finally got to officially meet Kendall. I usually have horrible luck when it comes to meeting Logan and Kendall away from the band, but since meeting Marie I've noticed my luck with Kendall has changed. I think she's got the Kendall luck the way I have the James luck haha. That's so awesome. We actually saw Kendall once when walking by the gate to get in line for “Marvin Marvin.” We waved to him and he waved back. That sort of thing never happened with Kendall before I met Marie.

Next week is my birthday. Marie got me two gifts, one is a tour of the Paramount lot (it'll be my fifth one, I think they'll see me and go OH NO, NOT THIS GIRL AGAIN but it wasn't my doing this time!). I just love being there, it's my favorite place to be, and Marie knows that. So I get to spend my birthday in my favorite place. And if the guys are filming, you never know. I'd be happy with even a glimpse of them. When we were there for the last “Marvin Marvin” taping I actually did not want to see James, because I'm so afraid he'll think I'm trying to stalk him there. And I wasn't, we were truly there for Marvin, and what happened? Ran into James while heading to a bathroom. My James luck is insane, so I'm hoping I at least get to see him walk by or something, like I did last year when on the tour. That would be the ultimate birthday present. And the second gift is a taping of “See Dad Run.” I love going to that show, am excited to be back there again. It's a full day at my favorite place, and I can't wait. So far this year has absolutely rocked!
Mellysquoctobird on March 2nd, 2013 06:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks for giving that letter to Kendall. They didn't end up going to NYC for the upfronts, but hopefully he'll still use that information
stoodupforlovestoodupforlove on March 3rd, 2013 11:08 pm (UTC)
Oh, you're totally welcome! I'm glad I finally had an opportunity with Kendall to do that. Usually he's bombarded by fans, everyone seems to gather around him and you can't get in. Finally a time to talk to him!
eviljellybean88eviljellybean88 on March 3rd, 2013 03:57 am (UTC)
this post isn't about james, but i just wanted to say that i just finished watching See Dad Campaign and james was every bit as wonderful and adorable as you described :D

that was a great post and kendall sounds so awesome and so sweet, awww lol your birthday sounds like it'll be be a really fun time too. my birthday is the 24th so yay march babies! :D
stoodupforlovestoodupforlove on March 3rd, 2013 11:07 pm (UTC)
Aww, wasn't he? James was so cute! I love that man.

It was so nice to actually talk to Kendall! And I'll have fun just being on the lot. March babies rock. :)
eviljellybean88eviljellybean88 on March 4th, 2013 05:48 am (UTC)
and that song at the end, omg, i loved it! jjaaaaammmmmeeessss!!! XD his dance moves were adorable lol